2015-05 By-Law to Regulate Open Air Burning within the Township (pdf – 230KB)

Permits can be obtained at the Township municipal office or the library during regular hours.

Pot hanging over a campfireCan I burn without a permit?

A ‘recreational fire’ means an open-air fire that burns with an area that is no larger than 1 meter in diameter provided such fire is used for warmth, cooking or for the burning of non-prohibited materials. Clearances of 3m from property lines or combustibles must be met.

When do I need a Permit?

A ‘conventional fire’ means a fire deemed necessary for the burning of brush or vegetation and does not necessarily require a specific container for burning purposes. Pile size shall not exceed 3m in length or width and 2m in height. Clearances of 22m from any hedge, tree, fence property line, highway or vehicular right of way, overhead wire and 150m from any structure/building must be met.

What if I don’t meet the ‘conventional fire’ criteria?

A ‘Special occurrence fire’ permit must be purchased and a mandatory inspection is conducted by the fire department for any fires that do not meet the criteria of a recreational fire or a conventional fire.

Burn Ban

No open-air fire may be set during a fire ban declared by the Chief Fire Official, with exception to a Campground as defined in by-law 2015-05, where they may be exempt. During a burn ban signs will be posted at major intersections and local media will be advised.