Tax Information

Tax Due Dates

There are four tax installment dates: February 28th, April 30th, June 30th and September 30th.

Mixed Use Properties
There are four tax installment dates: February 28th, April 30th, the 3rd and 4th installment dates are set after all required information is available.

Payment Options & Information

  • The Tax Collector has no authority to waive penalty or interest charges on late payments.
  • Payment must be received at the Township Office on or before the due date.
  • See Tax Bill for directions as well as the rate for Penalty and Interest charges.
  • There are a variety of payment options available:


We suggest you do a search under “Douro” in your bank’s vendor listing to set the Township up as a vendor. Your property roll number is your account number; if you’re paying for more than one property please enter each payment separately.

  •  Online Credit Card Payments 

    Paymentus Credit Card Payment Link

    Paymentus Credit Card Payment Link

The Township is now accepting tax payment to be made by credit card. Using the Third Party services of Paymentus, ratepayers can now pay their taxes on-line using their credit cards. To access the portal for payments please visit this link: . Please note there is a 1.75% processing fee.

  • Alternative payment options include:
    1. Drop of cheques in the drop off box located at the Municipal Office main entrance
    2. Debit, cash and cheque payment at counter

Supplementary Tax Bills and Adjustments

  • Supplementary bills are issued based on the revised assessment values received from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.
  • You may receive a retroactive tax bill even two or three years after your new home or improvement has been completed. Each year will be billed on a separate tax bill.
  • Please be aware that these supplementary tax bills may be substantial and prepare accordingly. These will not be part of any pre-authorized payment plan.

Farm Property Class Owners

  • Assessment notices and assessment change documents received from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation should be checked carefully to ensure that properties that are being farmed are in the Farmland Property Class.
  • Most ownership changes will revert the property class to residential. If you wish to be placed back in the Farmland Property Class you must be properly registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Contact their customer service at 1-800-469-2285 or

Commercial – Industrial Vacancy Rebate

  • Commercial and industrial property owners may be eligible for a tax rebate where buildings were entirely or partially vacant for a minimum period of 90 (consecutive) days in the calendar year.
  • Applications must be filed every year.
  • An interim application may be submitted by July 31st of any year with respect to the period January 1 to June 30 of that year. The deadline for submitting applications is February 28th of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.

Assessment – MPAC

  • MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) provides assessment information to the Township which is used as the foundation for property tax calculations.
  • 2016 is a reassessment year – Watch for your assessment notice.
  • Ever wonder how your property is assessed? – Check out for plenty of information, including an informative video
  • provides assessment information specifically applicable to your property.
  • 2020 Assessment Update

Address Change Form (pdf – 145KB)

2010 Tax Rates (pdf – 17KB)

2011 Tax Rates (pdf – 17KB)

2012 Tax Rates (pdf – 18KB)

2013 Tax Rates (pdf – 17KB)

2014 Tax Rates (pdf – 21KB)

2015 Tax Rates (pdf – 22KB)

2016 Tax Rates (pdf – 31KB)

2017 Tax Rates (pdf – 32KB)

2018 Tax Rates (pdf – 32KB)

2018 County Wide Tax Rates (pdf – 149KB)

2019 Tax Rates (pdf – 9KB)

2020 Tax Rates (pdf – 35KB)

Application for Tax Relief (pdf – 34KB)

Pre-authorized Payment Application Form – Filable (pdf -217KB)

Tax Certificate and Zoning Request Form (pdf – 125KB)