• FIR – Financial Information Return

The Financial Information Return (FIR) is a standard set of year-end reports which capture financial and statistical information for each Municipality in the Province.  Every Municipality in the Province will complete and submit a Financial Information Return to the Ministry each year.

2009 Financial Information Return (pdf – 2MB)

2010 Financial Information Return (pdf – 997KB)

2011 Financial Information Return (pdf – 255KB)

2012 Financial Information Return (pdf – 358KB)

2013 Financial Information Return (pdf – 826KB)

2014 Financial Information Return (pdf -898kB)

2015 Financial Information Return (pdf – 500kB)

2016 Financial Information Return (pdf – 1MB)

2017 Financial Information Return (pdf – 845KB)

          • AMP – Asset Management Plan
                • Having an Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a requirement of the Provincial Government as outlined in the

Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans.

            • In 2014 the Township completed a Roads and Bridges AMP
            • In 2015 the second phase of the AMP was completed which includes: Land, Land Improvement, Buildings, Building Improvements, Equipment, Vehicles, Computer Software & Hardware
            • The AMP’s provide a financial plan that will mean that sufficient investments are made to ensure delivery of sustainable services to current and future residents.

2015 General Capital Asset Management Plan (2015-10-22)

2019 Corporate Asset Management Plan (pdf – 489KB)

Final AMP Report (pdf – 2MB)

            • Audited Financial Statements
                Each year the audited financial statements are available for review.

2009 Financial Statements (pdf – 2MB)

2010 Financial Statements (pdf -1MB)

2011 Financial Statements (pdf – 1MB)

2012 Financial Statements (pdf – 817KB)

2012 Financial Information Review (pdf – 67KB)

2013 Financial Statements (pdf – 1MB)

2014 Financial Statements (pdf – 805KB)

2015 Financial Statements (pdf – 2MB)

2016  Financial Statements (pdf – 2MB)

2017 Financial Statements (pdf – 2MB)

    • Development Charges

Development Charges Annual Report – 2015 (pdf – 9.45KB)

Development Charges Annual Report – 2016 (pdf -554 kB)

Development Charges Annual Report – 2017 (pdf -101 kB)


General Inventory Table (pdf – 56 KB)

Final Roads with CPI and Cost per Unit – 2012 Rep Cost Date -(pdf – 52KB)