A Zoning By-law is a legal document that regulates the use of land within the Municipality. The By-law states:

  • What each parcel of land can be used for.
  • Where and what types of buildings or structures may be located on the land.
  • The requirements of lot sizes, parking lots, building heights and setbacks.

The Zoning By-law must conform to the Official Plan of the Municipality. A copy is available for viewing in the documents below and at the Municipal Office.

Zoning By-law Amendments

Sometimes it’s necessary to amend the Zoning By-law if the zoning on your property does not permit a proposed development or use. Site-specific Zoning By-law amendments will set out the uses and provisions for your property. “Holding Provisions” may be attached to site-specific zones to allow for the orderly phasing of development of the land, to ensure that design criteria of the Official Plan has been satisfied and to allow for the implementation of special design features.

Another type of site-specific zoning is a “Temporary Use By-law” which allows temporary use of land, buildings or structure for a limited time (no more than 3 years), which is otherwise prohibited by the Zoning By-law.

Consolidated Zoning By-Law Text (pdf – 1MB)  
(includes all amendments up to and including By-law No. 2010-74 – site specific zoning prior to 2010-74 are not be included in this version.)

2016-42 – Zoning By-law Amendment – In-water Boathouses (pdf – 60KB)

2018-60 – Zoning By-law Amendment – Secondary Suites Regulations (pdf – 388KB)

Zoning By-Law Amendment Application (pdf – 1MB)

The County of Peterborough GIS provides a great tool to view the zoning on properties within the Township.