An Official Plan sets policies for guiding proper land use and development in the community. The Official Plan outlines where residential, industrial and commercial areas are contemplated. Council undertakes the preparation of the Official Plan with input from the public, ministries and other agencies. When preparing the Official Plan, Council shall be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement and the Peterborough County Official Plan. A copy of the Official Plan is available for viewing in the documents below and at the municipal office.

The County of Peterborough is about the begin the process of updating the County Official Plan and as part of this process, the Township Official Plan will also be updated. For more information regarding the Official Plan update or to subscribe to the email newsletter, please visit the County of Peterborough New Official Plan page.

Official Plan Amendment

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that does not conform to the Official Plan, then an Official Plan Amendment may be necessary. An application for an Official Plan Amendment is a 2-step process that involves the Township of Douro-Dummer and the County of Peterborough.

County of Peterborough Official Plan (Link)
The Official Plan for the Township of Douro-Dummer is contained in the Official Plan for the County of Peterborough and the Local Policies can be found in Sections 6 and 7 of the document.

Kawartha Lakes High Water Levels (Link)

Information regarding Official Plan Amendments (Link)

Pre-Consultation Request Form (Link)

Official Plan Amendment Application (pdf – 152KB)

Official Plan 25 – Full Document (pdf – 22KB)

The County of Peterborough GIS provides a great tool to view the official plan designations on properties within the Township.