The Township of Douro-Dummer is requesting a request for proposal for the supply, delivery and installation of new/unused multi-functional digital photocopier equipment, including service maintenance and supplies to its Municipal Office. The multifunction copier specifications are described within this Request for Proposal and is based on the expected use, the desired optional features and integration with our information network technology.

In addition to supply of equipment, training, service and maintenance will be required for the term of 48 months on an on-call basis. The proposal is requesting financial options for purchase with a 48-month maintenance contract, 48-month lease with a maintenance contract, monthly rental with a maintenance contract for a term of 48 months on the multifunction copier. The Township reserves the right to choose the best financial option that will best meet the needs of the Township over the 48-month term.

The ideal Bidder will have the resources of quality equipment, qualified technicians, excellent financing opportunities, variety of training programs and be located where they can provide quick on-site service on a regular basis, when requested. The Township will require a designated service coordinator to provide support and statistics of the use during the maintenance and lease or rental period.

The Request for Proposal provides the detail on what is required by the Township for a new multifunction copier and the training and maintenance needed to successfully operate the copier. This document also outlines how to submit a proposal, how the proposal will be evaluated and the process for selection for an award. Please read this document carefully. To view the proposal package and submission requirements please visit F-18 RFP-ADM-2020-01 Supply Delivery of a Multifuntion Copier (pdf – 376KB)

Addendum 1 (pdf – 54KB)–  All quotations must be submitted prior to the submission deadline of 12:00 noon local time, Thursday, September 10, 2020.

Any questions can be directed to:

Martina Chait-Hartwig, Temporary C.A.O.
The Corporation of the Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street
Warsaw, Ontario K0L 3A0
Email: Martina Chait-Hartwig