Playground Re-Opening

In support of the Provincial Order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Township of Douro-Dummer is moving forward with re-opening the playgrounds/play structures.

“We urge parents to keep safety top of mind and use a common-sense approach when at the playgrounds with their children.”

The Township is also reminding parents to bring wipes and to maintain physical distancing from people outside their social circle while at parks. Monitoring yourself and your child for symptoms of COVID-19 and stay home if you or your child is sick. It is recommended to wash hands before and after using outdoor playground.  If the playground is busy, please find another park or come back another time.

Under the Phase 3 Provincial Guidelines, Visitors to the parks and Robert Johnston Trail will now allow 100 or more people, maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) and ensuring that enhanced hygiene practices are maintained. Please be advised there is no washroom facilities on sites.

The Township Municipal Office remains closed to the public and will be operating with limited staff. Emails can be sent directly to individual staff members or to our info account. Please monitor for updates and follow our Twitter account @Douro_Dummer.

For information regarding Covid-19 and how to keep your family, friends and neighbours safe, please visit Peterborough Public Health

For more information please contact:

Mayor J. Murray Jones
Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street, P.O. Box 92
Warsaw, ON, K0L 3A0
Phone: (705) 652-8392
Email: Mayor J. Murray Jones 

Martina Chait-Hartwig, Temporary C.A.O.
Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street, P.O. Box 92
Warsaw, ON, K0L 3A0
Phone: (705) 652-8392 x 210
Email: Martina Chait-Hartwig

Media Release – July, 31, 2020 – Playground Reopening (pdf – 48KB)

Public Notice – Notice of Online Public Information Centre #1 Girven Bridge Replacement / Rehabilitation / Retirement / Repurposing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

The Corporation of the County of Peterborough (County) is preparing for the replacement, rehabilitation, retirement, or repurposing of Girven Bridge. The structure is located on Dummer Asphodel Road approximately 1.1 km west of the intersection with County Road 8 in the Township of Douro-Dummer and the Township of Asphodel-Norwood. Girven Bridge conveys east-west traffic over the West Ouse River.

The County has retained D.M. Wills Associates Limited (Wills) to undertake the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Municipal Class EA) for the project.

The proposed work is considered to be a Schedule ‘A+’ undertaking in accordance with the Municipal Class EA. Subject to Class EA approval, including comments received as a result of this Notice and future Public Information Centres (PICs), the County intends to proceed with the planning, design and implementation of the preferred alternative solution for this structure.

Public and agency consultation is an important component of the Class EA process. Public and agency input are invited for incorporation into the planning and design of the project. The first of two PICs will be online with documents available for review at the following link:

The link will be active from Monday August 10th to Friday August 28, 2020. The PIC will consist of project files and display material that will be available for viewing on demand in an online setting. The purpose of this online PIC is to provide additional information, identify the nature of the work and solicit feedback, comments and questions. The date, time, and location for PIC #2 will be provided in future correspondence and will also be advertised in a notice in advance.

If you are interested in providing comments or receiving further information on this project, please contact the following individuals:

Zach Staples, P.Eng.
Assist. Manager Structural Engineering
D.M. Wills Associates Ltd.
150 Jameson Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 0B9
p. 705.742.2297 ext. 251

Kendra Reid, P.Eng.
Engineering & Design
County of Peterborough
310 Armour Road
Peterborough, ON K9H 1Y6
p. 705.775.2737 ext. 3202

Comments and information regarding this study are being collected to assist in meeting the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. These comments will be maintained on file for use during the study in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All comments, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. If you have any accommodation requirements in order to participate in this project, please contact one of the project team members listed above.

Notice issued: Monday July 27th, 2020

Notice of Online Public Information Centre #1 Girven Bridge Replacement / Rehabilitation / Retirement / Repurposing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (pdf – 167KB)


Douro-Dummer to Allow Nighttime Campfires

Starting Friday, July 24th, 2020 at sunset campfires will be allowed between sunset and sunrise in the Township of Douro-Dummer.

Precipitation levels and fire risk have varied widely throughout the Township this summer. Residents and guests in areas that continue to be dry are urged to consider postponing their campfire until a later date. Anyone who does decide to have an evening campfire needs to use extreme caution and ensure that all clearance distances are met, an extinguishing agent is immediately available, the fire is monitored at all times and the area around the fire is soaked to reduce the risk of the fire accidentally spreading.

The ability to allow evening only campfires is a result of the new burn permit system which allows for a more flexible response to fire risk and greater communication between the Fire Service and the community.

As of June 30th, 2020 a burn permit is required for all fires, including campfires. Permits can be obtained online at or over the phone during regular business hours (705) 652-8392. Permit holders must call the phone number on their permit prior to starting a fire. The system will inform the caller of the fire risk and if burning is allowed at the time of their call.

For sunset and sunrise times in Peterborough please visit Environment Canada.

The fire ban continues for all fire types between sunrise and sunset.

We thank you for your cooperation and support.

Chuck Pedersen
Douro-Dummer Fire Chief
705 652-8392, 207
E-mail C. Pedersen

PR-02-2020: Replacement of Rubber Sports Flooring on Selected Areas at the Douro Community Centre and the Warsaw Community Centre

The Township of Douro-Dummer has released a tender package for painting services of selected areas of the Municipal Office, Douro Community Centre & Warsaw Community Centre. Please complete each section of the tender package. For more information, the bid package and submission requirements please see PR-02-2020: Replacement of Rubber Sports Flooring on Selected Areas at the Douro Community Centre and the Warsaw Community Centre (pdf – 744KB)

All quotations must be submitted prior to the submission deadline of 12:00 noon local time, Friday, July 31, 2020. Any questions can be directed to:

Vicki Hallam
Manager of Recreation Facilities
(705) 749-7247
E-mail V. Hallam

Mandatory Face Coverings in Indoor Public Settings

Starting August 1, 2020 face covering will be mandatory in indoor settings in Peterborough County.

For more information please read Instruction from the Medical Officer of Health regarding mandatory face coverings in indoor public settings (pdf – 721KB).

If you have a complaint about an establishment, public transit service, or commercial transportation service please fill out the complaint form.

Visit Peterborough Public Health Mandatory Face Covering page, or call (705) 743-1000 for more information.


Douro-Dummer Implements New Burn Permit System

At the special meeting of Council, on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 Douro-Dummer Council voted to implement a new burn permit system as presented by Fire Chief Pedersen.

“This is a great educational tool that we simply do not have in our current system. This will allow us to educate our users and inform them of the fire risk and reduce confusion when a fire ban is implemented” says Chief Pedersen

The two biggest changes are, all open-air fires must have a permit (including campfire and burn barrels) and the permits come at a cost. This cost will cover the expense of the system and any surplus at the end of the year will be moved to our Wildland Firefighting reserve for equipment or to help pay for third party response such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry firefighting response.

Online permitting is very convenient for the average user. For those uncomfortable with online systems, the Municipal Office in Warsaw and the Library in Douro will continue to offer in person permits (once they are re-open to the public). Anyone can visit to see the current fire risk rating, a list of frequently asked questions and the Open-Air Burning By-law. More information including available permit types, clearances and fees is available once you register for an account at or by visiting

As of July 2nd, 2020 all new permits will be issued using the new system. Special Occurrence permits and Conventional permits obtained prior to that (from January 1 to July 1st, 2020) will be valid until December 31, 2020, using the phone number on that permit.

We thank you for your cooperation and support.

Any questions can be directed to Fire Chief Pedersen.

Chuck Pedersen
Douro-Dummer Fire Chief
705 652-8392, 207
E-mail C. Pedersen

Burn Ban in Effect Immediately in Douro-Dummer

Due to the hot, dry conditions the Township of Douro-Dummer has implemented a burn ban effective as of 12 noon July 6, 2020.

All open-air burning permits are suspended during this time. The fire ban prohibits all open-air fires including campfires, burn barrels and fireworks. Certified gas appliances such as CSA approved fire tables, bowls, pits and BBQs are not considered an open-air fire and can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions during the fire ban.

The fire risk rating, including a total burn ban, can be seen at any time by visiting

We thank you for your cooperation and support.

If you have any questions please contact Fire Chief Pedersen.

Douro-Dummer Fire Chief
Chuck Pedersen
705 652-8392,207
E-mail C. Pedersen

Employment Opportunity: Manager of Public Works

The Manager, Public Works, provides leadership and management to the Public Works Department. The position oversees the operation and maintenance of the municipality’s Public Works infrastructure and services. The role ensures the Township’s compliance with municipal, provincial and federal statutes and regulations, pertaining to Public Works operations and maintenance.

The position provides information, support and expertise to Departments, CAO and Council. In addition, this position is accountable for the maintenance of Public Works Department buildings and municipal gravel pits; the maintenance and operation of the transfer station and closed municipal waste sites; provides leadership and direction to Public Works employees; and as a member of the Senior Management Team assists with management issues and provides leadership, advice and consultation to staff, council and the public as required.

Job Specifications:

  • Post-Secondary Degree/Diploma in Civil Engineering or an equivalent field.
  • Certified Engineering Technologist with O.A.C.E.T.T. registration preferred.
  • Ontario Association of Roads Supervisors certification (senior level) preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in a management role preferably within a municipal public works department overseeing roads operations, infrastructure maintenance and construction.
  • Minimum 2 years experience overseeing Environmental Compliance Certificates and service contracts for waste management.
  • Requires a Class “D” driver’s licence with “Z” endorsement.
  • Knowledge of road construction, maintenance activities and safety procedures required.
  • Knowledge of Municipal/Provincial/Federal legislation pertaining to a Public Works Department and Waste Management Department.
  • Supervisory and managerial knowledge, skills, experience and ability.
  • Demonstrated superior public relations, public speaking, report writing and communication skills.
  • Good organizational and leadership skills.
  • Proven ability to deal with the public, politicians and senior level staff in regards to issues that may be sensitive, contentious and difficult.
  • Ability to cope with several different requests and subjects simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated computer skills in Microsoft Office suite of software. (Experience with Central Square (Great Plains) software, work management and asset management systems, GIS and GPS software would be an asset).

Manager of Public Works Job Description for the Township of Douro-Dummer (pdf – 163KB)

Qualified applicants can apply through the Peterborough County’s Careers web page.