It has been 2 years since the Township of Douro-Dummer implemented its Clear Garbage Bag Program and residents continue to shine when it comes to diverting household waste away from landfill.

“It has made a real difference and Douro-Dummer residents should accept a large helping of thanks. Keeping material out of the landfill results in savings of many kinds,” says Mayor J. Murray Jones.

In 2017, prior to the clear bag program, residents discarded approximately 260 kg of garbage per person. Since then, in 2018 and 2019 residents reduced their household garbage to less than 145 kg per person.

“Douro-Dummer Council is very proud of the residents for the contribution toward mitigating climate change,” adds Deputy-Mayor Karl Moher.

Residents in Douro-Dummer are in good company; in Peterborough County 6 of the 8 municipalities (outside of the City of Peterborough) have made the move to clear garbage bags.

There are small differences between municipalities regarding what can be included in the garbage, so residents and businesses with questions regarding clear bag programs are encouraged to contact their municipal offices directly.