Otonabee Conservation advises residents and visitors to the region that a FLOOD WARNING is now in effect for the entire watershed region. A Flood Warning is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring.

Total amounts of rain received in the Bancroft/Haliburton/Peterborough regions were 100 to 150 mm during the month of April. Then, in the first couple of days of May, another 40 to 60mm fell. A Special Weather Statement issued by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services states that another 40 to 70mm is possible on Thursday/Friday (of this week) before tapering off to showers on the weekend.

As a result of above-normal April rains, combined with significant additional receipts in the first couple of days of May, inflows to the Kawartha Lakes from areas to the north have dramatically increased. Given the forecast for another large dump of rain starting Thursday, inflows to the Kawartha Lakes are expected to continue increasing throughout the coming days. Hence, area residents living in historical flood-vulnerable areas on the shores of the Kawartha Lakes, as well as the Otonabee River, are advised to prepare for the possibility of localized flooding.

Throughout the geographical jurisdiction of Otonabee Conservation, the ground is saturated, and thereby is largely incapable of absorbing additional rainfall. As a result, the forecasted 40 to 70 mm that will start falling on Thursday is expected to cause significant pooling/ponding in low lying areas where there is poor drainage. In addition, local rivers (Indian and Ouse Rivers) and creeks (Squirrel, Baxter, Cavan, Jackson, Meade, etc.), which are already flowing at rates well-above normal, will continue to experience very high flows, and may even exceed their normal confines in those areas of low sidewalls/banks. Hence, area residents located in historical flood-vulnerable areas are advised to prepare for the possibility of localized minor flooding.

Also, area residents, as well as visitors to the area, are advised to observe caution around all waterbodies and watercourses because area lakes, rivers, streams and creeks pose a serious danger due to high levels, very fast flows and extremely cold water temperatures. Dams, culverts and other water control / water conveyance structures are to be avoided at all times.

This FLOOD WARNING will remain in effect until Monday, May 08, 2017.

emergency preparedness notice

Image of a notice from Emergency Preparedness Ontario providing information on safety in a flood

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For information on how to stay safe during a flood, please visit: www.ontario.ca/beprepared