The Daleview Road Reconstruction Tender is now closed. For more information visit T-2020-04: Daleview Road Reconstruction Tender Package & Addendum – Now Closed.

The Township of Douro-Dummer has released an Addendum to the tender package for the Daleview Road Reconstruction. Tenders are due by Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 12:00p.m. Noon local time. The following Addendum now forms part of the Contract Documents.

Addendum No. 1 (pdf – 343KB) is to be read and coordinated with all other parts of the Contract Documents.

Addendum: A addendum was made to T-2020-04 – Daleview Road Reconstruction Tender , Please see  Addendum 1 – Section B – Form of Tender (pdf – 606KB) 

If more information is required, please contact

Jake Condon
Temporary Manager of Public Works
Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street, PO Box 92
Warsaw, Ontario KOL 3A0
Phone: (705) 652-8392
E-mail: Jake