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The Planning Committee consists of one (1) members of Council and four (4) citizen appointments. This Committee makes recommendations to Council on severance reviews and applications and provides comments to the property owners as well as to the Peterborough County Land Division Committee as to whether or not the Township supports the severance application and if there are any conditions to be imposed. For more information regarding severances please visit the Severance page.

The members who currently make up the Planning Committee are as follows:

Deputy Mayor Karl Moher
Citizen Appointee Wendy Dunford
Citizen Appointee Ken Jackman
Citizen Appointee Jim Patterson
Citizen Appointee Vacant

Any questions or concerns regarding the applications before the Committee should be forwarded to Martina Chait-Hartwig, 705-652-8392 x 210.

2016-56 – Planning Fees By-law (pdf-116 kB)

Site Plan Control Guidelines (pdf – 23KB)

Site Plan Control Information Package (pdf – 11KB)

Township of Douro-Dummer Development Guide (pdf – 111KB)

Mandate for the Committee of Adjustment and the Planning Committee (pdf – 116KB)