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The Douro-Dummer Public Library offers a range of electronic resources

If you have any questions about any of these e-resources, please contact the Douro-Dummer Public Library at library@dourodummer.on.ca or 705-652-8599 when the library is open. For most of these resources Patron ID is your library card number.

Below you will find e-resources in the following categories:

  • E-Books and E-Audiobooks
  • Career and Resume Development
  • Educational Services
  • Money Management
  • Language Services
  • Children’s Resources
  • Youth Services
  • Music Services
  • Technology Services
  • Travel Services
  • Legal Services
  • Other Links

Accessible Books

CELA (Center for Equitable Library Access)

Access to the CELA collection is restricted to people with print disabilities living in Canada.A print disability is a learning, physical or visual disability that prevents a person from reading conventional print.More specifically, a print disability can be a:

  • Learning disability: An impairment relating to comprehension
  • Physical disability: The inability to hold or manipulate a book
  • Visual disability: Severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes

This definition of print disability is from the Canadian Copyright Act because it is this Act that lets CELA reproduce published materials in alternative formats for its collection. The term used in the Act is “perceptual disability”.

Government of Ontario

Ontario Government – Learn At Home

Find supplementary resources for elementary and secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home.



E-Books and E-Audiobooks

Ontario Library Service Download Centre – Overdrive

With your library card, you have access to the Ontario Library Service Download Centre, where you can choose from thousands of E-books and E-Audiobooks. You may also download the Libby App as a way to access titles on Overdrive.


Mango Languages

To help libraries in their mission to serve patrons electronically during a time when their physical locations are closed, Mango Languages is offering free trial access to all public libraries in Ontario until June 1, 2020.



200*100 Button for NoveList Plus
Link to NoveList Plus

Allows adult readers to find fiction and nonfiction titles that are similar to their favourite authors or on their favourite subjects.

Patron ID is your library card number.

NoveList K-8

200*100 Novelist K-8 e-resource button

Link to NoveList K-8 Plus

Allows children and teen readers to find fiction and nonfiction titles that are similar to their favourite authors or on their favourite subjects

Patron ID is your library card number.


Tumblebook logo

Tumblebook logo

TumbleBook Library is an online collection of e-books for children.  They are a great way to encourage tech-savvy kids to enjoy reading!

Patron ID is your library card number.

www.TumbleMath.com – K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link: https://www.tumblemath.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

www.TeenBookCloud.com – gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link: https://www.teenbookcloud.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

www.AudioBookCloud.com – all ages audio book database
Direct Link: https://www.audiobookcloud.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

www.RomanceBookCloud.com – a huge collection of Romance novels!
Direct Link: https://www.romancebookcloud.com/autologin.aspx?U=tumble2020&P=A3b5c6
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6

Career and Resume Development


Glassdoor Logo

Link to Glassdoor

Use Glassdoor to search for jobs by title and location, research companies and browse current employment listings in your area. Set up alerts to be notified of new and current job opportunities and read what current employees are saying about their employer to make sure the company is a good fit for you. You can also see average salaries in your area, compare compensation across companies, locations and by experience level, see base pay and bonuses.


Prezi Logo

Link to Prezi

Prezi provides free, innovating and exciting presentation software that is free to use online. This service reinvents the way that people share information while captivating the audience through unique presentations.

Educational Services

Khan Academy

KHAN Academy logo

Link to KHAN Academy

KHAN Academy provides free access to instructional videos and exercises that allow users to learn at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom. Find help on various subjects including math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics and more in a range of educational levels.

Slug Books

Slug Books logo

Link to Slug Books

Slug Books recognizes that College and University is expensive, and part of that expense is textbooks. Slug Books is a free service that allows individuals to search for textbooks and compare prices across a variety of sites offering the book to ensure they are getting the best deal. Users can also sell textbooks they no longer need using this same service.

TED Talks

TED Talks logo

Link to TED Talks

Enjoy free talks on a range of topics including technology, design, science, culture and many more.

Money Management

Mint logo

Link to Mint

Mint provides budgeting and money management assistance for free. You can automatically update your financial accounts and categorize daily transactions, create budgets based on actual spending, track spending, find ways to cut back and set realistic goals. Mint also supports all major Canadian banks and accounts making it easy to track spending.

Language Services


Duo Lingo logo

Link to Duo Lingo

DuoLingo is a free language service that allows users to learn a variety of languages using fun and science based techniques. Users can create an online profile or download the app to their smartphones or tablets to learn on the go.

Children’s Resources 

TD Summer Reading Program

Link to TD Summer Reading Logo

Link to TD Summer Reading

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s biggest, bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities. This free program is co-created and delivered by 2,000 public libraries across Canada.  It celebrates Canadian authors, illustrators and stories. It’s designed to inspire kids to explore the fun of reading their way – the key to building a lifelong love of reading.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online logo

Link to Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a free online resource that provides access to a variety of children’s books narrated by authors where children can watch the video, which includes illustrations to follow along with the story.

TVO Kids

TVO Kids logo

Link to TVO Kids

Children aged 2-5 can access a range of games including puzzles, ABC’s, math and 123’s as well as arts and crafts. Children aged 6-11 can access a range of games including puzzles, math, science, health, sports, art, and music for free. Also provided is access to age appropriate TV kid’s shows, as well as other fun material.

Youth Services
G1 Practice Test

G1 Practice Test

Link to G1 Practice Test

Follow the link to be redirected to the official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) driver’s handbook. From here you can begin your driver’s education and find schools that are Ministry approved. You can review safe and responsible driving, traffic signs, and lights, as well as information on keeping your driver’s license, information on your vehicle, and practice information for the level two road test.

Ontario Colleges

Ontario Colleges logo

Link to Ontario Colleges

Ontario Colleges processes applications for admissions to Ontario Colleges. By accessing this website you can learn more about the various programs offered throughout Ontario Colleges, as well as submit an application.

Ontario Universities Application Centre

Ontario Universities Application Centre logo

Link to Ontario Universities Application Centre

The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) processes applications for admissions to undergraduate, law, medical, rehabilitation science and teachers education programs for Ontario Universities. By accessing this website you can learn more about the application process for these post-secondary schools, as well as submit an application.

iHeart Radio

I Heart Radio logo

Link to iHeart Radio

By using iHeart Radio you can listen to all your favourite music for free online or by downloading the iHeart Radio App from the App Store.

Technology Services 
Tech Boomers

Tech Boomers logo

Link to Tech Boomers

Tech Boomers offers free tips and tutorials on how to use basic technology services such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon etc. If you are using a social networking site or other online medium to engage with others, Tech Boomers can provide clarification on any questions and challenges you may encounter, making accessing and using these services stress free.


Skype logo

Link to Skype

This video calling service allows users to voice or video call anyone in the world for free. You can also group video call to have multiple people join in the conversation together, as well as share instant messages with your family and friends.

Travel Services

Frommer's logo

Link to Frommer’s

This travel website contains information on various destinations, including travel tips, deals, bookings and local news, as well as a forum where individuals can share travel experiences.

Legal Services
Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice logo

Link to Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice provides legal assistance to the people of Ontario to help them understand and take action of their legal problems. This information includes a variety of topics, including common legal problems experienced in family, housing, and employment, as well as other areas of the law.

Other Links
Canada 411

Canada 411 logo

Link to Canada 411

Find phone numbers and reverse lookup with Canada 411.

GCF Learn Free

GCF Free logo

Link to GCF Free

GCF Learn Free provides a wide range of information and assistance in the areas of Microsoft Office, email, online safety, photos and graphics, social media, using the Cloud, computer hardware, internet and apps, and on operating systems. As well as information on life skills, including food and cooking, health and safety, money and employment skills. You can also find help with math and reading, career planning, job searching and more.

Google Maps

Google Maps logo

Link to Google Maps

Find directions and plan routes using Google Maps.

MPAC My Property


Link to MPAC

Learn more about how your property was assessed using MPAC.

Service Ontario

Service Ontario

Link to Service Ontario