The Township will be performing roadside clearing of brush and trees in the Douro Ward (on Township roads from Division Road to County Road 4). Work is anticipated to commence on December 18, 2020 and will be completed by approximately December 31, 2020.

Work will involve a contractor using a roadside brushing machine to remove any small trees, brush and overgrowth along the roadside. Road signs will be posted notifying motorists of the work ahead. Access to homes and properties will not be restricted. When approaching the brushing machine, please give the operator time to acknowledge you and to lower the arm of the machine before you proceed.

Removal of brush from roadside ditches is vital for safety of the traveling public. Continuous shade causes soft shoulders and rapid road deterioration, which leads to dangerous driving conditions. Removing brush along roadsides also improves sightlines for drivers, restores proper drainage in ditches, and increases snow storage.

Thank you for your co-operation as we complete this important work.

If you have any questions regarding the planned work, please contact:

Jake Condon, Manager of Public Works
E-mail Public Works