Using Your Seasonal Residence During COVID-19

Residents who own seasonal properties in the Township of Douro-Dummer are an important part of our community and like everyone, have an important role to play to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

The provincially recommended, and safest, option is to stay at home in your primary residence, and avoid all nonessential travel, especially to other zones. Frequent day trips to your seasonal property carry more risk. However, if your cottage is winterized, transitioning over for a longer stay, can also be a safer choice. The safest way to do this is to self-isolate, or drastically reduce close contact with others for first 14 days.

To read more on how you can help us keep our residents in Douro-Dummer safe, click here.

25th Annual Warsaw Santa Claus Parade & Tree Lighting Ceremony

The 25th Annual Warsaw Santa Claus Parade is approaching, and this year we are taking it virtual!

Join us on Tuesday, December 1st for our virtual presentation of Parades of the Past. This year the parade will be held at the start of our 5:00pm Council Meeting. Join in on this virtual countdown to help staff light the Christmas Tree in the Township yard.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, regular meetings of Council are held electronically. Meetings are recorded and live-streamed on the Township YouTube channel.

Thank you to Douro-Dummer Councilor Shelagh Landsmann and Councilor Tom Watt, for putting together this slideshow presentation. A special thank you to those who shared their personal photos, and fun they have had with us over the years. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Click here to join the virtual ride.

Advanced Services & Advisory Project (ASAP)

ASAP is a collaborative community-based project designed to connect entrepreneurs operating within the City and County of Peterborough and First Nations to local professionals for advice, training, and counselling critical to helping entrepreneurs navigate through the pandemic.

The following service areas will be eligible:

  • Financial & Debt Management – Training, advice or counselling on planning, organizing, directing and controlling any financial activities
  • Customer Attraction & Retention – Strategies for creating new markets & sales channels, and creating a culture of innovation & becoming customer centric
  • Digital & Technical Services– Digital needs assessment, advice & training on digital platforms
  • Business Advisory & Coaching– Human Resources and overall strategies, as well as other training, counselling and advice activities.

*Ineligible expenses include capital expenses and marketing.

For more information, or if you know someone who may be interested, click here.

Notice of Intention to Change Building Permit Fees charged in accordance with the Building Code Act 7(6) – 2021

Take Notice that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Douro-Dummer intends to pass a by-law pursuant to Section 7(1)(c) of the Building Code Act to increase the fees charged for Building Permits and related services.


The direct costs of administering and enforcing the Act by the Township for 2021 is anticipated to be approximately $314,393.12 while the indirect costs are anticipated to be $50,000, for a total of $364,393.12. Meanwhile the revenue for 2021 is not expected to exceed $364,393.12. It has been determined, based on the permit volume and the costs of operating the department, that a rate of $13.18 / $1000 of construction value is a reasonable rate for cost recovery, plus a 10% allowance of $1.32 for a total of $14.50 / $1000 of construction value for adequate contributions to reserve funds.

The calculation method for fees is intended to be updated to a value-based approach, as opposed to a cost per square foot method. A minimum value calculation will be included in the by-law schedules. The costs for the sewage system permits will remain the same as 2020 rates. The rationale for changing the fee is to match the increased costs of services for 2021.

This meeting will be held electronically starting at 5pm on December 15, 2020.

To participate in this electronic meeting in real time, please contact the Deputy Clerk/Temporary CAO by email no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled meeting and you will be provided with an invitation to join the meeting using your computer or telephone. Although it is possible for members of the public to “attend” a meeting electronically, and provide verbal submissions, we encourage you to communicate with staff by forwarding written comments.

If you wish to view the public meeting in real time, but do not wish to speak to the application, the meeting will be hosted on the Township’s YouTube Channel. The meeting will also be recorded and available after the meeting for public viewing on the same platform.

Any questions or comments should be directed to:

Brian Fawcett, Chief Building Official
Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street, P.O. Box 92
Warsaw, Ontario K0L 3A0
(705) 652-8392 Ext. 208
E-mail B. Fawcett

Public Notice re: Building Permit Fees 2021 (pdf – 78KB)

Brush, Leaf and Yard Waste Bin Removed for the Season

The leaf, brush and yard waste bin has been removed from the Warsaw Public Works Depot yard for the year.

Brush, leaf and yard waste should now be taken to either:

  • Waste Connection of Canada
    • 348 County Road 6
    • Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • Tipping fees will apply.



Auction of Surplus Fire Services Equipment 2020

Douro-Dummer Fire Services is auctioning off surplus equipment via sealed envelope bidding. Please read the links below carefully for instructions and item descriptions.

Information on the bidding process and the Bid Form can be found in the Auction Notice and Appendix A (pdf – 110KB) Details regarding these items can be found in Appendix B (PDF – 8MB). All items are used and sold in as-is condition.

Questions or requests to view items can be directed to:

Jessyka McArthur
Administrative Assistant – Municipal Services
Township of Douro-Dummer
E-mail J. McArthur
(705) 652-8392 x 212

Douro-Dummer 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony Online Link

Due to pandemic restrictions the 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Warsaw Cenotaph has moved online. No in-person gathering will occur at the Warsaw Cenotaph in 2020.

To view the ceremony, please visit the Township of Douro-Dummer YouTube Channel. The video will be available starting at 10:45 am on November 11, 2020.

Douro-Dummer 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony Moved Online

Due to pandemic restrictions the 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Warsaw Cenotaph has been moved online.

Douro-Dummer Remembrance Day organizers have been working to ensure that the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Warsaw Cenotaph is accessible to the public in a safe, responsible and respectful manner. In lieu of an in-person gathering this year, the organizers are preparing a pre-recorded video of the ceremony which will aired on the Township YouTube channel starting at approximately 10:45 a.m. on November 11th, 2020. A link to the video will be provided in November on the Township website.

Organizers ask that residents and guests remain at home to view the ceremony online rather than visit the Cenotaph in-person on November 11th. Organizers understand that some individuals may still visit the Cenotaph despite this request and for those individuals there will be organizers on-site during the late morning of November 11th to help maintain a safe environment for all.

We hope to gather to pay our respects together as a community again next year.

For more information, please contact:
Jessyka McArthur
Administrative Assistant – Municipal Services
Township of Douro-Dummer 705-652-8392 x 212
E-mail J. McArthur

Media Release – 2020 Remembrance Day Ceremony Moved Online (pdf – 65KB)

Business Relief Funding

Canada United Small Business Relief Fund:

The Canada United Small Business Relief Fund will be managed by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the national Chamber network in support of other chambers and partners to help small Canadian businesses with their recovery efforts as a result of COVID-19.

Successful applicants will receive a relief grant of up to $5,000.

The relief grant can be used for any of the following eligible expenses:
• Purchased Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields, and latex gloves.
• Renovated physical space to adhere to local, Provincial or Federal reopening guidelines.
• Developed or improved e-commerce capabilities for your business.

Please visit the Ontario Chamber of Commerce website for more information.

Program Guidelines (pdf-2MB)

Northumberland Community Futures Corporation and Fed Dev Ontario. RE3 Funding:

This funding is here to help women-led businesses in Eastern Ontario Rebuild, Reopen and Revive.

With the cooler weather on its way… and with more businesses moving indoors and online.. this is the perfect funding model to help your members with their Covid recovery plans.

Women entrepreneurs will be at the forefront of economic recovery and revival in Eastern Ontario. On a competitive basis, we are offering one-time, performance-based and non-repayable funding of up to $5,000 for:

✔ Acquisition of required/mandated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

✔ Workspace reconfiguration to accommodate physical distancing

✔ Hardware/software upgrades to enhance online capacity, client servicing, and accessibility.

Does RE3 align with your plan for business resilience and renewal? Then we invite you to apply now! Click the link below for more information.

Apply Now – Click here