The Township of Douro-Dummer will be moving to mandatory clear garbage bags beginning January 2, 2018.Bag Cutout2

Clear bags will be required for both curbside pick-up and transfer station drop-off.

Bags may not contain any recyclable material, compostable material, or hazardous waste.

  • Recyclable material must be placed in Blue boxes for curb side pick-up each week or may be dropped off at the Hall’s Glen Transfer Station (1951 County Road 6) free of charge. For help determining what is recyclable, please visit the Peterborough County Recycling and Garbage website and use the Searchable Waste Portal.
  • Compostable material can be disposed of in backyard composters or digesters which are available from Peterborough County or from the Township of Douro-Dummer’s Municipal Office in the Hamlet of Warsaw. If backyard composting/digesting is not possible in your location, material may be brought to the Hall’s Glen Transfer Station Molok bins free of charge.
  • Hazardous waste must be disposed of at the appropriate locations:
    • Batteries can be dropped off at:
      • The Hall’s Glen Transfer Station at 1951 County Road 6,
      • The Township of Douro-Dummer Municipal Office at 894 South Street,
      • Warsaw; the Douro-Dummer Public Library at 435 Douro 4th Line,
      • The Douro Community Centre lobby at 2893 Highway 28 N, and
      • The Warsaw Community Centre lobby at 93 Ford Street, Warsaw
    • Unused medications and sharps can be returned (in an approved sharps container) to many pharmacies, check with your pharmacy for details.
    • Household hazardous waste can be disposed of by residents at any Peterborough County Transfer Station Household Hazardous Waste Day, please check with the Peterborough County Recycling and Garbage website and use My Schedule in the Searchable Waste Portal to determine upcoming event dates and locations. The City of Peterborough Waste Management Services operates the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 400 Pido Road, Peterborough. This facility is open year round, please visit their website for hours.

A grocery sized privacy bag is allowed in each clear bag. Clear bags may also be placed in garbage bins at the curb to conceal contents from public view until the bags are collected.

The maximum capacity per clear bag is 0.06 cubic meters (2 cubic feet) and the maximum weight allowed is 18.1 kg (40 lbs).

Bags not conforming to these requirements will not be picked up or accepted at the Hall’s Glen Transfer Station.

Retailers in the Douro-Dummer and Peterborough area are being alerted to the change so that clear bags will be readily available to residents. Other close-by municipalities, including the City of Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes, have already made the switch to clear bags, so many retailers are already carrying a variety of clear bags.

Additional information can be found on the Township website.

The Clear Bag Town Hall Meeting will take place November 16th, 2017 between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall in the Hamlet of Warsaw. This is a family friendly event to discuss the changes and help residents understand where to dispose of specific items. Digesters, composters, and recycle bins will be available for sale and clear bag samples will be available for pick-up.

Please contact staff at the Township of Douro-Dummer with any questions you might have about the change.