The County of Peterborough invites nominations for the County of Peterborough 2017 Recognition Awards. Nominations will be accepted for any resident or group residing in the County of Peterborough who has raised the profile or made an extraordinary contribution to our community. The nominee shall not have received a County of Peterborough Recognition Award for a similar category within the last fifteen years. Unless otherwise indicated, there shall be one award for each Township in each category noted below:

Accessibility Recognition: A group, individual or business who has contributed to accessibility improvements within the County of Peterborough. (One County-wide award.)

Acts of Heroism: An individual who has displayed bravery in the face of personal risk, injury or death at an incident that took place either in the County of Peterborough or was to the benefit of a Peterborough County resident and which action did not occur while the individual was acting in his/her professional capacity while on duty. (Unlimited nominations.)

Agricultural Leadership: Any individual or farm enterprise is eligible to be nominated in this category. Factors that will be used to assess the nomination will include such items as innovations, agricultural promotion and the recognition brought to the County through its operation. It may include involvement in agricultural organizations. Leadership in the agricultural community will also be considered.

Business Leadership / Entrepreneurial Innovation: Any new and successful initiatives of both new and established businesses that have made outstanding contributions to the County, including tourism promotion.

Community Volunteer of the Year: Any group or individual who has demonstrated community involvement or volunteerism within the County.

Environmental/Sustainability Recognition: Nominees will have demonstrated innovation and/or leadership in environmental conservation, stewardship and sustainability by having:
Developed innovative green technologies or
Started businesses to support and encourage sustainable living, or
Donated conservation lands or easements or
Undertaken ecosystem restoration or research or
Educated others about the importance of protecting the environment or
Achieved the overall vision for sustainability through one of the identified theme areas set out in the Sustainable Peterborough Plan:Agriculture and Local Food; Climate Change; Cultural Assets; Economic Development and Employment; Healthy Communities; Land Use Planning; Natural Assets; Energy; Transportation; Waste; and Water. (One County-wide award.)

Heritage Preservation: An individual or group who has promoted heritage and preserves the history of Peterborough County. This could include, but is not limited to, Fair boards, Women’s Institutes, historical societies, etc. A community, public or private organization which has reached a significant milestone such as the 100th anniversary of the organization is also eligible for this award. (Please note: Birthdays and anniversaries are recognized on an on-going basis as requested.)

Leadership in Arts and Culture: A group or individual who has demonstrated excellence in the arts, bringing recognition to the County.

Sporting Excellence: Any team or individual who has won a provincial, national or international sporting event. (One County-wide award.)

Youth: A person aged 25 years or younger who has contributed to the betterment of the community and/or school environment.

Nomination forms are available throughout the County at the County of Peterborough offices located at 470 Water Street, Peterborough, from any Local Municipal Office, Township Fire Chiefs, local Police Service Boards, schools, libraries throughout the County, area Chambers of Commerce and Community Care organizations. This year, Nomination Forms can be completed online at the County website

Completed and signed nomination forms with supporting documents provided to the County Clerk up to and including March 15, 2017 are requested.

The Peterborough County Awards and Bursaries Committee will review the Nominations and make recommendations to County Council. County Council will select and announce the recipients in May. The Recognition Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, May 26, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. and will be hosted by the Township of North Kawartha. If you have any questions, please contact the County Clerk at 705-743-0380 or 1-800-710-9586 or by email: